Luke Bracey

Luke Bracey (born 26 April 1989) is an Australian actor who was born in Sydney, Australia and attended the Scots College in Sydney, graduating in 2007. He began his acting career in 2009, with the Australian soap opera ‘Home and Away,’ aired on ‘Seven Network.’ He played the character ‘Trey Palmer,’ introduced to the audience on February 9, 2009. His role was described as “the face of an angel” with “devilish behavior.” Luke “stirred viewers up” back then with his performance on the show.

Luke Bracey, who was just 20 when he played ‘Trey,’ found the mysterious and devious role quite challenging to play. Additionally, his greatest challenge was to gain the attention of the audience in a short span, as Trey was not supposed to continue on the show beyond a few months.

Luke moved to Los Angeles after he completed shooting for ‘Home and Away.’ In 2010, he played ‘Aaron’ in three episodes of the Australian teen-oriented drama ‘Dance Academy.’ Following this, he made his film debut with the 2011 American adventure/romantic comedy ‘Monte Carlo,’ as ‘Riley,’ an Australian backpacker and former rugby player.

In 2012, Luke appeared as ‘Scott’ in the short ‘American Dream.’ His next project was a significant one, as he played the fictional character ‘Cobra Commander,’ the supreme leader of the terrorist organization ‘Cobra,’ and the principal antagonist in the 2013 military science-fiction action film ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation.’ Luke replaced Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who had portrayed the character in the movie’s previous installments.

In March 2013, Luke was cast in the lead role in the ‘ABC’ drama pilot ‘Westside.’ However, it remained unaired. He next appeared as ‘David Mason,’ a young operative, in the 2014 action spy thriller ‘The November Man,’ which was adapted from Bill Granger’s novel ‘There Are No Spies.’ He played the character ‘Brendan Ehrlick’ in the comedy ‘Me Him Her,’ which premiered at the ‘Seattle International Film Festival.’

Bracey played the younger version of James Marsden’s character, ‘Dawson Cole,’ in the romantic drama ‘The Best of Me,’ based on a novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. In 2015, he starred as ‘Johnny Utah,’ an extreme motocross star-turned-‘FBI’ agent, in the action thriller ‘Point Break.’ The character was originally played by Keanu Reeves. However, unlike the original film, in the 2015 version, ‘Johnny Utah’ was not depicted as a former football player.

He played the prominent role of Smitty Ryker, a squadmate of American pacifist combat medic and World War II veteran Desmond Doss, in the biopic ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ (2016). The following year, he was seen in ‘Academy Award’-winning writer and director Roger Avary’s short ‘Lucky Day.’

Luke was seen as ‘Sergeant Bob Buick’ in the Australian war film ‘Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan,’ which is about the Battle of Long Tan during the Vietnam War. Luke was signed to play the character ‘Jackson’ in the romantic comedy ‘Holidate.’

In 2020, he appeared among the cast of the Netflix film, Holidate, where he portrays the role of Jackson. Also, hehas done a campaign for the luxury fragrance range ‘Polo Red Extreme’ by ‘Ralph Lauren.’ He had always wanted to model for a fragrance brand and being able do that with a brand such as ‘Ralph Lauren’ was like a dream for Luke.